Speedrun to Level 60 Guide


This speedrun guide is for players that want to blast through the campaign's main story quests. Getting to level 60 as fast as possible is the goal. The information in this article is condensed for quick and easy access. For a more detailed walkthrough of the campaign to level 60, check our Complete Leveling Guide.

Speedrun Preparation

  1. Choose your class. They are all viable for all endgame activities, so choose what you will enjoy playing! Check our Class Overview post with strengths and weaknesses to help you decide.
  2. Review the leveling guide for your chosen class. Take note of the skill build progression and useful Legendary Items, especially the selected Off-Hand from the Battle Pass reward. You can find every class leveling guide filtered in our build guide section.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the basics in the following Speedrun Strategy section.

Get comfortable, grab some snacks and let's blast!

Speedrun Strategy

  • Do not claim all Battle Points from completed activities in the Codex.
    • Claiming enough Battle Points ranks up the Battle Pass, which gives you a massive amount of experience. The amount of experience rewarded increases with your character level, so it is beneficial to wait. After rank 10, save your Battle Points until you are level gated from entering a new zone.
    • Claim enough Battle Points to get to rank 10 Battle Pass right away. Rank 10 rewards a free Legendary Off-Hand and the empowered tier rewards 3 Legendary Gems. These were the rewards during the beta test and may be subject to change.
    • Further optimization would include waiting to collect until after you have grinded levels closer to the level gate, as opposed to claiming immediately after finishing a zone. For example, if you are 5 levels behind a level gate upon reaching a new zone, you can farm 2 levels before ranking up the Battle Pass for more experience. Be careful not to waste Battle Points by overshooting the level gate.
Wait to claim Battle Points
  • Only stop to kill enemies in large groups, especially if packed with elites. Continue running to the next main story objective when your damage skills are on cooldown.
  • Turn on auto-pickup for normal, magic and rare items in the general settings menu to pick them all up for salvaging.
Run over items with Auto Pickup
  • Equip new items when your bag is flashing. Don't waste too much time looking at stats. Just look for the green arrows on equipment and maybe consider prioritizing your class's Primary Attribute for damage.
  • Remember to visit the Blacksmith whenever you return to a town/encampment. After checking for equipment upgrades, use the salvage all buttons to quickly empty your inventory. If you have enough materials, upgrade your lowest ranked gear.
Use the Salvage all buttons to save time
  • Collect all Monstrous Essence that drops. If you have 10 Monstrous Essence, turn them in at the Horadric Altar when you return to a town/encampment. They stop dropping once you reach the max carry limit of 10.
  • Most Side Quests (indicated by a blue exclamation mark) are not worth stopping for. You can complete some pop-up Side Quests that are quick kill objectives.
  • Skip Hidden Lairs if you are in a rush to reach level 60. Otherwise, they are worth doing for Normal Gems.
  • Kill any Treasure Goblins you find. They are a valuable source of Gold and items.
  • Shrines and Globes can speed up the leveling process.

Getting Past Level Gates

Zones eventually require a certain character level to enter or progress the campaign. You will need to obtain additional experience to get past these level gates:

  • Level 35 - Library of Zoltun Kulle
  • Level 40 - Bilefen
  • Level 46 - Mount Zavain
  • Level 51 - Frozen Tundra
  • Level 56 - Realm of Damnation

Battle Pass Experience

You can wait until you reach a level gate to claim Battle Points from the Codex. Claiming enough Battle Points ranks up the Battle Pass, which rewards you with items and a massive amount of experience. The amount of experience gained increases with your character level. Waiting until you are level gated to rank up the Battle Pass maximizes your experience gains. You should be able to immediately gain 2-3 levels with this strategy.

Grinding Dungeons

A quick way to gather the remaining experience is to run the Mad King's Breach or Forgotten Tower dungeons in a group. Farming in a 4 player group gives extra gems and should allow for faster clears if the other players are competent enough. Claim the dungeon activity in the Codex for Battle Points to boost your experience gains.

Farming Outdoor Spawns

Outdoor zones are another option for grinding. Farming in outdoor zones drops Monstrous Essence for a Codex activity completion that rewards Battle Points. This method's effectiveness varies depending on how crowded the public zones are. An area with a lot of players might make it hard to tag spawning enemies, lowering your experience rates.

Other Activities

If you want a change of pace, head to Westmarch and start a round of Bounties. They also offer great XP rewards and some Gold, but have a daily limit.

You can also gain experience in Elder Rifts, although they may not reward as much experience as Dungeon or Outdoor Spawn farming. You should still use any Rare Crests or Legendary Crests you receive/buy since Legendary Gems provide a huge power increase.

Shadow or Immortal Activities can also be completed if you are in the faction. They may not provide experience as fast as dungeon grinding, but you need to get daily activities done anyways.

Whatever activity you chose to do, make sure to claim the Battle Points from them in the Codex to get past the level gate.

Zone Walkthroughs

Select a Zone Walkthrough

Wortham Zone

Ashwold Cemetery Zone

Westmarch Visit #1

Dark Wood Zone

Westmarch Visit #2

Shassar Sea Zone

Library of Zoltun Kulle Zone

Bilefen Zone

Westmarch Visit #3

Mount Zavain Zone

Frozen Tundra Zone

Realm of Damnation Zone

Follow the main story quests to the locations numbered in the map image. Check the full walkthrough for Wortham in the Complete Leveling Guide if you get lost.

  1. Defeat the zombie with your primary attack.
  2. Use your first 3 skills to defeat Putrid Desecrator and then slot your 4th skill.
  3. Talk to the guard. Make sure you turn on auto-pickup for normal, magic and rare items in the general settings menu to pick them all up for salvaging.
  4. Defeat the Acolyte of Damnation boss. Ignore his images unless you take too much damage. Free Korrin the Blacksmith and take the portal to Wortham.
  5. Speak to Deckard Cain. Check your inventory for upgrades (indicated by green arrows) and salvage the rest at the Blacksmith.
  1. Defeat Eskara and Ifriss the Destoryer. Take the portal back to Wortham and speak to Deckard Cain (5) again.
  2. Move on to the next zone, Ashwold Cemetery. You can now group up with other players if desired.


Congratulations! You have made it through the entire game, hopefully at a fast pace. I'm glad you made it this far and hope you enjoyed this guide. I wish you good luck on your future adventures in the world of Sanctuary!

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Apr 26th 2022
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