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One of the most important goals within Diablo Immortal, or any ARPG for that matter, is to become strong enough to take down every enemy in your path. However, the in-game tooltips in Diablo Immortal do not explicitly state how damage is calculated, how the mechanics work and how it all comes together in the end.

In this guide we explain damage calculations and multipliers while answering commonly asked questions like:

  • How does the Offense Rating define damage of my abilities?
  • What is the difference between additive and multiplicative damage?
  • Which stats are the most valuable? How do I know which item is better?

All these questions, and many more, will be answered here. Stay awhile and learn!

Disclaimer: Note that the game is in Alpha. We do not know the in-depth mechanics and calculations yet. All information is subject to change and will be updated before the official release!


There are 5 Primary Attributes in the game: Intelligence, Strength, Fortitude, Vitality and Willpower. All of them provide 1 Offense Rating and Defense Rating for each point you have, so any attributes gained will always make you stronger. They are not equally valued though since individual classes gain additional bonuses.

Attributes Screen

#1 Intelligence - Provides +4 increased Damage to Wizard and Necromancer. Nothing beats hitting harder, especially in a game without hardcore mode. This is the best stat Spellcasters can have and the worst stat for any non-Spellcaster.

#2 Strength - Provides +4 increased Damage to Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter and Monk. Same logic as Intelligence: Damage beats everything! This is the best stat non-Spellcasters can have and the worst stat for any Spellcaster.

#3 Fortitude - Provides +6 Armor and +6 Armor Penetration. Armor increases your toughness by reducing the damage you take from enemies. Armor Penetration increases your Critical Hit Chance (capped at around 11,000 and 33% Critical Hit Chance) and is a goal to work towards in high-level content if you want to optimize your damage done.

#4 Vitality - Provides +40 Life. No one likes to die, so picking up Vitality isn't a bad choice at all. Having a high health pool can be vital for PvP.

#5 Willpower - Provides +1 Potency and +1 Resistance. These increase the duration of harmful effects you deal to enemies, and decrease the duration of harmful effects enemies deal to you. There is value for some skills here, especially in PvP, but some classes don't benefit from this at all. Willpower is the least desirable stat behind Intelligence (for non-spellcasters) or Strength (for spellcasters).

Dexterity does not exist in Diablo Immortal, Demon Hunter and Monk get increased damage from Strength.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary Attributes Screen

Secondary Attributes are a direct result of your Primary Attributes and provide additional benefits. These stats cannot roll on equipment and do not have any other source than Primary Attribute.

Offense Rating (Best Stat in the Game!)

Whenever you attack in Diablo Immortal your Offense Rating (OR) is compared to the Monster's Defense Rating. If your Offense Rating is higher you deal additional damage, if it is lower you deal less damage. Your Damage can be reduced or increased by up to 99%. This effect is reduced to 10% in Player vs Player. Offense Rating and Defense Rating are the most important stats in the entire game! If your Offense Rating is too low you simply don't deal any damage.

OR limits what content you can clear (Game Difficulty, Challenge Rift, Path of Blood, Helliquary, etc.) and you need to reach certain minimum values for each or else your damage will be scaled down too much. In cases where you are already above the OR requirement, the additional damage scaling is useful, but caps out at double damage when you are super over geared.

Here are common sources to gain more Offense Rating:

Here is a full list of the recommended Offense Rating of certain activities in the game like Challenge Rifts and Game Difficulties.

Rating difference vs Monsters on the highest Alpha Clear by MisterK

Each difficulty required has a certain recommended rating:

DifficultyRecommended RatingEqual to Challenge Rift Level
Hell 193028
Hell 21,75545
Hell 32,70565

Each class starts out with a different base rating:

ClassBase Offense RatingBase Defense RatingTotal Rating
Demon Hunter402666

Defense Rating (Best Stat in the Game!)

Whenever you get attacked in Diablo Immortal your Defense Rating (DR) is compared to the Monster's Offense Rating. If your Defense Rating is higher you take up to 50% less damage, but if it is lower you take significantly more damage (up to multiple times more damage taken). This effect is reduced to 10% in PvP. If your Defense Rating is too low, you simply get 1 shot by anything that touches you. If you see the red warning "Monster Difficulty Very High" you are in big danger and should tread carefully! Offense Rating and Defense Rating are the most important stats in the entire game!

Here are common sources to gain more Defense Rating:


  • Armor reduces all damage taken and increases your Block Chance. This scales up with your character level (NOT your Paragon)
  • Every character can block any attack in the game (even characters that don't wear shields like the Wizard)
  • You can reach around 60% Block Chance at very high Armor values
  • Blocked attacks deal 50% less damage
  • Against Players your Block Chance is always 20%

Armor Penetration

  • Ignores some enemy Armor and increases your Critical Hit Chance
  • Just like ORDR your Armor Penetration is compared to the enemy's Armor
  • If your Armor Penetration is higher you have an increased chance to critically hit the enemy. That value seems to be capped around 32% at a 10,000 Armor Penetration above the enemy Armor
  • Critical hits deal double damage
  • Against Players your Critical Hit Chance is always 10%


  • Compares against enemy Potency to modify the duration of all harmful effects on you
  • The higher your Resistance compared to enemy Potency the less duration effects like Jailer have on you
  • Reduces harmful effect duration by up to 50%
  • Against Players harmful effect duration is always reduced by 50% (currently this does not apply to knockback effects allowing Players to permanently knockback one another)


  • Compares against enemy Resistance to modify the duration of all harmful effects
  • The higher your Potency compared to enemy Resistance the longer duration of our stuns, chills and slows etc. will be
  • Increases duration of harmful effects by up to 99%
  • This is currently the only Secondary Attribute that is not reduced in Player vs Player, further increasing permanent stun lock possibilities

Player vs Player note:
Stats are reduced in PvP to lower damage output and prevent instant kills. This did not work very well during the Alpha as everyone got 1-shotted!!
Your ORDR are scaled down to 10% of their original value. Block Chance is reduced to 20% while Critical Hit Chance is a flat 10%. Harmful effect durations, like freeze and stun, are reduced by 50% on players. This does not apply to knockback effects, allowing players to chain knockbacks to permanently control opponents.
Players with high Offense Rating can still instantly kill opponents with far less Defense Rating. The damage scaling and unlimited knockbacks are likely to be changed as Diablo Immortal development continues!

Additional Attributes

Additional Attributes are the Magic properties on your gear that provide more positive and often unique benefits.

Accuracy Rating

  • Compares against enemy Evasion Rating, increasing the chance you will hit the enemy
  • Rolls on Main-Hands, Helms and Shoulders

Evasion Rating

  • Compares against enemy Accuracy Rating, increasing the chance you avoid enemy attacks
  • This Attribute did not exist in Alpha

Critical Hit Chance (CHC)

  • Increases chance for your attacks to be critical hits, which deal double damage, further increased by your Critical Hit Damage
  • Next to Armor Penetration you can get Critical Hit Chance from items up to 12% from Magic affixes on Main-Hands and Shoulders

Critical Hit Damage (CHD)

  • Increases damage done by critical hits beyond double damage
  • Rolls up to 9% on Main-Hands and up to 6% on Helms, Shoulders and Rings
    • Example:
      This 9% roll gives our Critical Hits double damage + 9%, making them hit for 209% instead of 200%.
      If our Critical Hit Chance is 33%, here's the impact of the 9% roll:
      No roll: .67 * 1.00 + .33 * 2.00 = 1.33x more damage
      One 9% roll: .67 * 1.00 + .33 * 2.09 = 1.36x more damage
      So the effective benefit 9% CHD gives us is 1.36 / 1.33 - 1 = 2.3% more damage

Critical Hit Resistance

  • Reduces the chance for enemy attack to be critical hits
  • This Attribute did not exist in Alpha

Attack Speed

  • Increases the speed of your skills and Primary Attacks
  • Does affect Channeling Skills
  • We don't know anything about possible Attack Speed Breakpoints yet

Cooldown Reduction

  • Reduces the cooldown of all skills, causing them to recharge faster
  • Rolls up to 4% on Rings, Amulets and up to 6% on Main-Hands
  • Stacks additively with each other

Movement Speed

  • Increases your Movement Speed
  • Rolls up to 4% on Main-Hands, Boots, Rings and Amulets
  • Stacks additively
  • There is no known Movement Speed cap yet

Armor Piercing

  • Increases the chance to completely ignore enemy Armor
  • This Attribute did not exist in Alpha

Life Drain

  • Drains Life equal to the percentage of all damage you deal
  • This Attribute did not exist in Alpha, but it most likely works like Life Steal. This seems to be well balanced in the game as the Offense and Defense Rating scaling prevents insane Life Drain values in harder endgame content

Cheat Death

  • Grants a chance to avoid death when killed, and be reduced to 1 Life instead
  • Essentially a Cheat Death with no immunity phase. Damage over time effects like Burn will still kill you on the next damage tick
  • When it procs in-game the message "Last Stand" appears next to your character. Here is a proc example
  • Rolls up to 12% as magic stat on Armor pieces

Life Regeneration

  • Recover a percentage of maximum Life every 5 seconds while not in combat
  • You have to be out of combat for around 3 seconds for the effect to kick in
  • Rolls up to 3% as magic stat on Armor pieces

Damage Increase

  • Damage bonus given by Faction feature. Increasing damage dealt to players
  • The different Factions and their bonuses are: Adventurer 0%, Shadows up to 32% at Whisperer IV, and The Immortals up to X% at Crown Rank X.

Magic Find

  • Increases the chance for monsters to drop higher-quality items
  • Seems to work similar to the Diablo 2 Magic Find system: Increases the quality, not the quantity, of items found
  • You can get Magic Find from: Monk's Consumable Incense Candle, Rank 5 Legendary Gems and a significant temporary buff for 4 hours from the Immortal Crown. When the cycle turns after the Rite of Exile and new Immortals are crowned, all the top Dark House members gain a 50% Magic Find buff. The Top Darkhouse Leader as new Immortal also gains a staggering 100% buff Magic Find buff.


  • Primary Attributes grant different bonuses depending on whether you're a spellcaster or not.
  • Offense and Defense Ratings are the most important stats in the game for everyone. Without them, you deal no damage and get one-shotted!
  • Fortitude and Armor Penetration caps around 33% Chance to Crit.
  • While "Cheat Death" might sound attractive... it currently isn't, as you can die 1 frame after proccing.
  • Many Stats like Armor Penetration are significantly reduced in PvP for balance.
  • Attack Speed breakpoints may be important in Immortal, but we have not been able to properly test them yet.

I hope the overview helps you to better understand the mechanics of the game. More Information is soon to come as Diablo Immortal development continues. Stay tuned!

We’ll cover all updates as Diablo Immortal development continues. Stay tuned!


Written by Rob
Reviewed by Raxxanterax, Wudijo