Open World Tasks Explained


Tasks are short quests that are found throughout each zone in Diablo Immortal. They can be done solo or in a group and are highly rewarding. They are great while leveling and hold their value even after reaching level 60. Take the time to do these when available, since they appear randomly and provide highly desirable rewards. Let's learn more about what to expect when you see Tasks in the open world.

Types of Tasks

Story Tasks

Story Tasks are spread out through each zone with various NPCs. When you come across an NPC with the icon above their head, click and start. Whether it's avenging the death of a fallen lover or killing off a demonic abomination, the extra story bits offer more life to the world around you.

Pop-up Tasks

Pop up Tasks literally come out and surprise you. While farming the open world, you can partake in three different types:

Break the Curse - A Cursed Chest spawns. Upon clicking it, a mini event begins. You have a limited amount of time to kill ghostly phantoms to unlock the chest. If you kill them quickly enough, you get a bonus chest as a reward.

Cleansing the Rot - When this Task starts, a large highlighted area appears on your mini map. Look for and kill enemies in this specified area to reach the 20 monsters killed threshold.

Wanted - A Unique enemy spawns that you have to kill. They typically can have multiple health bars and use affixes seen on Champion and Rare Elites. Take note of the Affixes and hack them down.

When group farming in the open world, be sure to stay reasonably close together. If a fellow party member triggers a Task, the other three need to accept it through a small prompt to obtain the reward at the end. Be sure to do so and coordinate where the Task is taking place. This ensures you do not miss out on your rewards.


Rewards from a completed task

Once you complete a Task, a chest spawns and opens. You can expect the following:

  • Experience.
  • Several items of varying rarities.
  • 3 Enchanted Dust.

Outside of Zone Events, Tasks are the most reliable source to obtain Enchanted Dust. This is critical in Upgrading your gear and reaching those milestone gear ranks for Reforging.


  • Always be looking out for the icon to do Story Tasks.
  • Be aware if a Pop-up Task starts while leveling or farming at level 60.
  • If you are in a group, be sure to accept the Task if a party member starts one to not miss out on the rewards!


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Apr 25th 2022
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