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Upgrading & Reforging are the simplest and most important methods to improve your character's power. Upgrading adds more Primary Attributes to your gear, which increases the most important stats in the game; Offense and Defense Rating! Reforging allows you to gain smaller amounts of Primary Attributes or Magic Affixes, as well as gaining Family Type Bonuses. Whether through summoning a fire-breathing Hydra to attack or gaining a defensive shield, these bonuses enhance your character's power and utility.


Salvaging is key to obtaining materials for Upgrading gear. It unlocks during the introduction of the main storyline in Wortham. Go to any Blacksmith, select Salvage, then pick gear to break down for materials. You can also select the checkboxes at the bottom of the UI to quickly and easily Salvage all Common, Magic and Rare items. Legendary items are manually selected to avoid accidental Salvaging.

The game warns you when you are about to Salvage an item that can be better than an item you are currently wearing. You can select cancel, which unselects those item(s), or select okay if you are sure and want the materials. This warning can be deceptive, watch out! It may appear when a gear piece is not actually better than the one it replaces, or sometimes not appear when it should. The issue is how the game figures out an item's worth by adding up hidden values assigned to each Attribute on a piece of gear. Check out our Equipment Guide for more details, but for now, a simple rule of thumb would be total the number of Primary Attributes from one gear piece and compare it to another for the best item.

Item Salvage Breakdown
Common Item1x Scrap Materials
Magic Item3x Scrap Materials
Rare Item1x Enchanted Dust
Legendary Item1x Glowing Shards

Depending on the Item Salvaged, a certain amount of specific materials are received. You receive back ALL materials used to Upgrade an item when Salvaging it if it had Upgrade ranks.

It is advised throughout leveling and moving through the early Upgrade Ranks to have auto pick-up of Common, Magic, and Rare items checked on in your settings. You'll build up a stockpile of Scrap Materials while most likely being bottlenecked by Enchanted Dust to Upgrade further.

When a majority of your character's gear reaches Rank 11+, it's more effective to pick up Magic and Rare items only. Even with the large increase in all materials required to Upgrade, Scrap Materials becomes the new bottleneck compared to Enchanted Dust going forward. This strategy is best because of Magic items 3x conversation rate to Scrap Materials. Leaving Common items behind allows you to avoid frequent trips back to town during heavy grinding sessions, yielding more materials per Salvage run!

There are many other ways of obtaining these materials. Bounties, Zone Events, Challenge Rifts (first time completion), Honor Merchant (small increments), among many others. Plan your time efficiently with these in mind to maximize your material acquisition.


Displaying a Main Hand ready for Upgrading to Rank 11.

Upgrading your character's gear is a massive power boost. By gaining additional Upgrade Attributes, your Offense and Defense Rating increase. These ratings are the core of your character's power, and are the primary goal to push into harder Difficulties and higher Challenge Rifts. You’ll become a much more formidable opponent in PvP content as your gear gains more ranks as well.

Upgrading is unlocked after completing the main storyline in Ashwold Cemetery, then talk to the Blacksmith in Westmarch. Upgrading can be performed on Rare or Legendary items only. If you do not have a Rare item, go to Yakin, Rarities & Antiquities Vendor in Westmarch. You can Gamble using Gold for a chance at Rare or Legendary items.

Start Upgrading your gear early and often! The Upgrade Attributes can be transferred while swapping to a new gear item. This is free and effortless.

Primary Gear
Demon Hunter
HelmStrength &
Intelligence & Vitality
ChestWillpower & FortitudeWillpower & Fortitude
ShoulderWillpower & FortitudeWillpower & Fortitude
PantsWillpower & FortitudeWillpower & Fortitude
Main HandStrength &
Intelligence & Vitality
Off-HandStrength &
Intelligence & Vitality
Secondary Gear
Gear SlotBarbarian
Demon Hunter
NeckStrength &
Intelligence & Vitality
Intelligence & Vitality
RingStrength &
Intelligence & Vitality
GlovesWillpower & FortitudeWillpower & Fortitude
BeltWillpower & FortitudeWillpower & Fortitude
BootsWillpower & FortitudeWillpower & Fortitude

Upgrade Attributes are pre-determined per gear item. Some attributes are the same per class as seen in the tables above, while others change based on the classes' Primary Attributes. Focus gear with your classes' Primary Attribute when possible first, then the rest. This min/max gets the most out of the Upgrade process!

Upgrade Order Process

  1. Upgrade Primary & Secondary Gear to Rank 5. Early Upgrading is more dependent on having materials and Rare items (or better) to complete this step.
  2. Get all Primary Gear up to Rank 6. Upgrade each piece to Rank 6, which unlocks the first of three Bonus Attributes!
  3. Upgrade all Primary Gear to Rank 9. Continue Upgrading each piece to the same rank before moving to the next.
  4. Focus each gear piece to Rank 11. One at a time, get each piece to Rank 10 then Rank 11 in one shot. This is the most efficient way to use materials and unlocks the second Bonus Attribute.
  5. Keep grinding materials! Repeat the previous two steps to hit Rank 14 with each piece, then focus individually to Rank 16 to unlock the third Bonus Attribute and Family Type Bonus!
  6. Enter the moonlight phase of your grinding. For Ranks 17 and above, Upgrade each piece to the same level before moving to the next rank.

Upgrade Attribute Amount & Material Costs

Upgrading gives a certain amount of Primary Attributes as listed in the table. While +8 or +12 seems too little to have impact, in practice, it allows for huge leaps in completing content and reaching higher Challenge Rifts.

Rank RangeUpgrade Attribute Amount
1 - 17+8 Upgrade Attribute Per Rank
18 - 20+12 Upgrade Attribute Per Rank

With this knowledge of Upgrading, here the material cost breakdown per gear item, per rank. Early ranks come quickly, but midway and further can take days to get a single level!


Additional Bonus Attributes can be added through Reforging at the highlighted Ranks of 6, 11 and 16. Adding Bonus Attributes can only be done on Primary Gear, as Secondary Gear only goes to Rank 5. The following tables show the total materials required to Upgrade all Primary and Secondary Gear to each of these critical ranks, including max rank.

Primary Gear Grand Totals
1659,85010, 9861142,775,000
Secondary Gear Grand Total

Upgrading is the best path to character improvement! Don't neglect this crucial part of gear itemization. Plan your day accordingly to be the best you can be.


Reforge Stone

Reforging gear is the end-game of itemization. It unlocks once a piece of Primary Gear reaches Rank 6 through Upgrading at the Blacksmith. Since Secondary Gear can only go up to Rank 5, they are unable to be Reforged. Reforge Stones are required in order to Reforge gear. A limited amount can be purchased from the Honor Merchant daily. When using a Reforge Stone, a random Bonus Attribute with a random Family Type assigned to it (more on this in the next section) is applied to the gear item. Multiple Reforge Stones can be used to obtain a desirable attribute and/or Family Type. Each time you are given the option to keep the current attribute or take the new attribute. After Rank 6, two more Bonus Attributes can be added at Rank 11 and Rank 16. Bonus Attributes come from a pool of the following:

While this list is extensive, we will check back and update as required.

Primary Attributes

  • +X Fortitude
  • +X Intelligence
  • +X Strength
  • +X Vitality
  • +X Willpower

Offensive Affixes

  • Accuracy Rating increased X%
  • All damage done increased X%
  • All damage done increased X% per nearby party member
  • Attack Speed increased X%
  • Base item damage increased X%
  • Critical Hit Chance increased X%
  • Critical Hit Damage increased X%
  • Damage done by your summoned monsters increased X%
  • Damage to Beasts increased X%
  • Damage to control-impaired enemies increased X%
  • Damage to Demons increased X%
  • Damage to enemies below 30% Life increased X%
  • Damage to Elites increased X%
  • Damage to full Life enemies increased X%
  • Damage to players increased X%
  • Damage to shielded enemies increased X%
  • Damage to Undead increased X%
  • Primary Attack damage increased X%

Defensive Affixes

  • Block Chance increased X%
  • Damage taken over time reduced by X%
  • Damage taken by your summoned monsters reduced X%
  • Damage taken from players reduced X%
  • Damage taken reduced X%
  • Damage taken while control-impaired reduced X%
  • Damage while moving decreased X%
  • Life Bonuses increased X%
  • Life increased X%
  • Life Regeneration increased X%
  • Nearby enemy damage reduced X%

Utility Affixes

  • Cheat Death increased X%
  • Fear Immunity chance increased X%
  • Healing cooldown reduced X%
  • Healing from skills increased X%
  • Knock away immunity chance increased X%
  • Primary Attacks reduce enemy healing X%
  • Primary Attacks slow enemy movement X%
  • Movement Speed increased X%
  • Skill cooldowns reduced X%
  • Slow immunity chance increased X%
  • Stun immunity chance increased X%
  • Your death heals party members for X% of your Life

These are simple lists organized for clarity. For detailed information, look at our Stats Explained guide.

As it stands, get any Primary Attribute as close to the max of 20 for each Bonus Attribute. Attempt to get your classes' Primary Attribute, but access to and being efficient with Reforge Stones is more important.

The overwhelming importance of Offense and Defense Rating is the reasoning here. Only Primary Attributes increase these ratings and do the most for your character!

Family Reforge Stones

Family Reforge Stones are similar to Reforge Stones in that they give a random Bonus Attribute from the same pool as Reforge Stones. You can obtain them from the Reforge Stone Vendor, next to the Blacksmith in Westmarch. They cost 100 Eternal Orbs. Eternal Orbs are a paid currency, not obtainable in-game.

The difference with Family Reforge Stones is the Family Type assigned with the Bonus Attribute. Family Reforge Stones ALWAYS assign their Family's Type to the rolled attribute. When you have three Bonus Attributes of the same Family Type on a single piece of Primary Gear, it gains the associated Family Type Bonus listed below. You can have up to six Family Type Bonuses, or stack the same one six times on all of your Primary Gear! Stacking Family Type Bonuses increases their chance of proccing, not the quality of the bonus itself.

Showing where to find the Family Type Bonus Icon when using Family Reforge Stones or randomly assigned by Reforge Stones

Wildfire Family

You have a 2% chance when you kill an enemy to summon a fireball spitting Hydra.

Tremor Family

Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to inflict X damage and Stun to nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. *

Jolt Family

You have a 2% chance when attacked to immobilize your attacker.

Vengeance Family

Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to increase all damage you deal by 100% for 1 second.

Barrier Family

You have a 2% chance when attacked to gain an absorption shield for 6 seconds.

Ravager Family

You have a 2% chance when you kill an enemy to make the corpse explode, damaging all nearby enemies.

* The damage and stun inflicted occurs at your character's location, NOT the damage location. This renders the Tremor Family Type Bonus useless for ranged classes.

Family Type Bonuses push your build to the next level! Since Family Reforge Stones can only be obtained through real money (not in-game) it is heavily advised to figure out the finishing touches of your character's build first before purchasing. This avoids over spending and allows you to be efficient with resources.

Rank Transfer

Using Rank Transfer allows for manual moving of Upgrade and Bonus Attributes from one piece of gear to another. While the game prompts you automatically when swapping gear pieces, this is more of a back-up measure in case you forget to transfer those ranks. Keep in mind, you can't transfer ranks from multiple lower ranked gear to get a higher cumulative rank or going past Rank 20. There is no bypassing the material costs per rank.

Attributes may be updated to have more of a punch that may give reason to use Rank Transfer in the future. Also, manually moving attributes between different gear loadouts for different modes/activities may become more relevant after release with more content.


  • Salvage gear you do not need for materials to gain ranks through Upgrading.
  • Have a plan of action for your daily activities to maximize your material acquisition. Also, have an order of what gear pieces are to be Upgraded first for efficient material usage.
  • Upgrade your gear early and often! It makes you more powerful and Upgrade Attributes can be moved around for free.
  • Use Reforge Stones to get Primary Attributes once you hit Upgrade Rank 6, 11 and 16!
  • You can purchase Family Reforge Stones (through paid currency) for easier unlocking of Family Type bonuses to make your build the best it can be.


Written by Dredscythe
Contributions by Facefoot, Rob
Reviewed by Facefoot, Raxxanterax