Vault Overview


The best Legendary Items in the game are available in the Immortal's Vault. The Shadows form together in parties of 4 to raid the Vault to steal their rewards. The Vault isn't open all day long and when it available the Immortals will be standing ready for the alarm to sound. If the Shadows are detected, the Immortals will rush in to kill them off before they can escape with their precious loot. Let's look at how it works from both sides so you can maximize your rewards from it.

The Vault - Shadows Side

As a Shadow you want to raid the Vault to claim the amazing rewards inside. While raiding the Vault, you steal valuable Essentia from the Immortals, by slashing your way through the Guardians and taking down the Treasury Guard at the end. Raiding The Vault however is not an easy task and requires a party of 4 players to even enter. The Wardens can alert the Immortals to defend the Vault, cutting the raid short the raid unless you can defeat them in PvP combat. Coordination is key. Make sure you're reaching out to other Shadows to make the strongest party possible before going in.

Raiding The Vault

The Vault is open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. server time. Watch the Whisper channel to see if anyone is looking to group up. Going in with a full party is key to success and gives you a fighting chance against the Immortals.

Take note of the Vault Rank before going in since Immortals can Bolster the Vault making it quite challenging. Become familiar with what level you and your team can complete. Once inside, there are 4 floors you must clear before reaching the Treasury Guard and the final chest at the end. On each floor there are many strong enemies guarding the chests filled with Essentia, Hilts, and Gold. On each floor kill everything and loot every chest, leaving nothing behind. Double check how much Essentia is remaining on each floor before proceeding to the next!

Essentia Remaining
Floor 182%
Floor 260%
Floor 330%
Floor 40%

Kill Wardens as fast as possible because they alert the Immortals and enable them to come kill you in the Vault! Wardens can only alert the Immortals once. Should you kill the Immortals the Wardens won't be able to return again. Bringing a powerful team is important as the Wardens are hard to kill quickly and the Immortals will arrive with a vengeance. When the Immortals enter the Vault, they do so at the beginning, so the faster you progress through the harder it is for them to catch you.

Another tricky tactic is to wait at a previous doorway with your entire team and ambush the Immortals when they come in. No one said the Shadows have to play nice - be dirty and get the job done!

Vault Raid


The Vault appears as a Daily and Challenge quest often, granting Marks for completion. Every week a Shadow is able to obtain 40 chests and up to 350 Hilts. Inside the Vault one can expect to gain Hilts and Gold from the Treasure Chests with a chance at looting a Legendary Item from the final Chest. The final chestwill drop better loot based off the amount of Essentia collected during the raid.

The Vault - Immortals Side

Vault loot
The Vault offers Gold, Hilts, and incredible loot

The Immortals Vault can contain triple stat Legendaries which are unavailable from nearly anywhere else in the game and give you a significant boost in ORDR. As an Immortal you have a chance of receiving this loot, and if you are the top contributor, you receive first pick. In addition to Contributions, it is your job to defend the Vault from raids by the Shadows. Successfully defending also nets you some precious Hilts!

Contribution Points

Tap on your character in the member list to see Contribution Point details.

As an Immortal, your Contributions are tracked via the Contribution Point system. This system measures all of your contributions to the Immortals and gives you a score, ranking you amongst all of the other Immortals. At the end of each week, the Immortals with the top Contribution Points receive their requested loot from the Vault. There is a theoretical maximum number of Contribution Points each week, so if you want the best loot from the Vault, you need to maximize your contributions!

Contribution Point SourceTotal Points
Daily GoalsDaily ?
Raw Essentia ContributionWeekly ?
Defend the VaultWeekly ?
Invite Adventurers to ImmortalsWeekly 500/500

First Week Limitations - During the first week as Immortals, you won't have everything unlocked because the True Immortal Questline is time-gated. During this first week, your Contribution Points cap is limited compared to other weeks. During the alpha, the first week had a Contribution Point limit of 1,780 points.

First Wins Ties - At the end of the week, if there is a tie for Contribution Points, then the person who reached the maximum number of points first is considered rank 1, the next rank 2, etc. You can check your specific rank on the weekly rewards summary, and also by sorting by the column of Contribution Points in the Immortals menu. This reflects the actual expected order of loot distribution. If the top players collaborate, you can use this behavior to manipulate the loot distribution in your favor!

Similarity to Other Loot Distribution Systems - If you have raided in other MMORPGs before, you might be familiar with DKP, EPGP, Loot Council, or other loot distribution systems. Contribution Points is a sort of DKP-based system that resets week to week. DKP (Dragon Kill Points) is a classic loot distribution system that originally was started by players in classic MMOs like Everquest. This system does suffer from some of the same winner-take-all problems present with DKP-based systems (i.e. One player can be top of Contributions Points each week if they play enough).

Vault Loot Distribution and Contribution Point Reset

Similar to other server events, Vault loot distribution and Contribution Points reset every week on Monday, 3:00 a.m. server time. Due to how Contribution Point ties work, this means that the top contributors are rushing to be first to max out their Contribution Points on Sunday, 3:00 a.m. server time in order to be top on Contribution Points. If you want to be a top player, I hope you like staying up late or waking up early! Keep in mind that Contribution Points reset every week, so if you miss a day and fall behind, you have a shot at the top spot next week.

Requesting Loot from the Vault

Before Vault loot is distributed, you need to view the available items and request which ones you want. You can request up to three items from the Vault. These items are in ranked-choice order; in other words, your first choice will be given to you if you are the highest bidder on that item, otherwise it will go to your second choice, and so on. You only receive one item as a result of your ranked-choices. You can always go back and cancel your request and request a different item if you so choose.

At the end of the week, if you are the player with the highest amount of Contribution Points for a particular item you requested, you will receive that item during loot distribution. Make sure you take time to review and request the loot you want, because this loot can be some of the best in the entire game! If you forget to request specific loot from the Vault, you will receive random, garbage-tier unclaimed loot, so always remember to request your three items!

Filtering Loot - In the bottom right of the Vault window is the settings button. This button allows you to filter the loot you see in the Vault! There's a mountain of loot in the Vault, so use this filter to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Distribution Optimization - If the top contributors collaborate, you can pre-determine who gets which loot. Let's dive into a specific example because the loot distribution can get confusing.

Requesting Loot Example

Let's say the top three Demon Hunter contributors are looking to pre-determine who gets which loot. It is Sunday night and all three have completed the maximize number of Contribution Points for the week.

  1. echohack - 1700 points, rank 1
  2. Facefoot - 1700 points, rank 2
  3. Raxxanterax - 1700 points, rank 3

These three players are looking at three items in the Vault, in this order:

  1. Main Hand - 100 Strength, 100 Willpower, 100 Vitality
  2. Chest - 90 Strength, 90 Willpower, 90 Vitality
  3. Helm - 80 Strength, 80 Willpower, 80 Vitality

To ensure loot is distributed appropriately, echohack makes the Main Hand their #1 choice, Facefoot makes the Chest their #1 choice, and Raxxanterax makes the Helm their #1 choice.

Remember that even though you have three choices, you only receive one item out of these three! This is what we mean when we say that this is a ranked-choice.

Requesting Off-Class Loot - During the alpha it was possible to request loot that belongs to another class, making it automatic vendor trash. If this is still in the game, don't do this. It's extremely bad manner AND you'll lose out on your own loot for that week. The Immortal leadership will also likely kick you out of the Immortals.

Defending the Vault

Stop the Shadows, do whatever it takes!

Located on the left side of the Hall of Ascension is the entrance to the Vault. The Vault is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. server time, allowing the Shadows to raid and steal your valuable treasures! When Shadows are detected in the Vault, ALL Immortals receive an in-game notification indicating the Vault is under attack.

Defending the Vault gives 30 Hilts per player killed, up to a maximum of 700 Honor per week. Since Hilts is such a limited currency, make sure to Defend the Vault and reach your 700 Hilts maximum each week! Once you reach 700 Hilts, make sure you allow others to Defend the Vault because they also need to fulfill their Hilts cap too.

Vault defense report
When you are done defending the Vault, you receive a Defense Report highlighting your exploits.

In practice, to properly defend, you must be partied up and waiting in-game next to the entrance. Be ready to zone in and destroy the Shadows!

Adding Loot to the Vault

Adding loot to the Vault
Completing Elder Rifts with crests seems to give additional rewards to the Vault...?
  • Every hour, items and Gold are automatically added. This does not appear to be influenced by player actions.
  • When completing Elder Rifts enhanced with Crests, Gold and items are added to the Vault.
  • There is a limit of 200(?) items in the Vault per week.

When do rewards precisely get added to the Vault? This is a question we have yet to answer, but we do know a few things. Come back to this section when we learn more!


  • The Vault holds some of the best Legendary Items in the game
  • The Immortals work to increase their riches so they can distribute them at the end of the week.
  • The Shadows raid the vault every day to steal Essentia, Hilts, Gold and Legendary Items.
  • If the Shadows are sloppy during their raids, Wardens alert the Immortals who can come defend the Vault.


Written by echohack, Facefoot
Reviewed by Raxxanterax


Apr 26th 2022
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