There are total of 10 different Vendors in Diablo Immortal. Here you can Craft Gear, Obtain Crafting Materials, buy powerful Items, change Sockets in your Equipment and so much more! This is how a Vendor looks like in-game:

The Jeweler Vendors in Westmarch

Below you will find a list of every Vendor in the Game and what can be done there:

Overview of all Vendors

Apprentice Jeweler

There are currently a total of 6 Normal Gems with 5 Ranks each in Diablo Immortal. These Gems can be bought with the currency Honor at the Honor Merchant and they can be obtained as a random drop from killing any enemy. Normal Gems provide basic attribute bonuses when socketed into Secondary Slots. Secondary Equipment Slots are Amulets, Rings, Gloves, Belts and Boots. These slots can roll with 0-3 Sockets each. With 2 Rings and the other 4 Slots that leaves the player with a total maximum of 3x6=18 possible Normal Gems at the same time. The color of the Gem, however, must match the socket color: red, green or blue. Normal Gems can be upgraded by combining multiple identical Gems together at the Apprentice Jeweler and can be removed or changed at any time:

Apprentice Jeweler UI: Replace & Upgrade Gems
Honor Merchant: Buying Gems with a Daily Purchase Limit of 3

Upgrading three Rank 3 Tourmaline Gems into a Rank 4 Tourmaline


1. Salvage

  • Salvage items to gain Upgrade materials
  • Materials obtained from Salvage are dependent on the quality of the item
  • Salvaging an upgraded item returns all of the upgrade materials used

2. Upgrade

  • Both rare and legendary items can be upgraded
  • Upgrading adds upgrade attributes to items
  • Bonus Attributes are awarded at rank 6,11, and 16
  • If all three Bonus Attributes on an item are from the same family, a set bonus is awarded
  • Bonus Attributes can be changed using the Reforge process

3. Transfer Rank

  • Select two items of different ranks to perform a rank transfer
  • The lower rank item will receive the rank and any Bonus Attributes of the higher rank item
  • The higher rank item will become rank 0 and lose all Bonus Attributes

Charms Craftsman

1. Salvage a Charm

  • Charms ranked 1-4 can be Salvaged to obtain Alchemical Power
  • Alchemical Power can be used to upgrade Charms
User Interface for salvaging Charms

2. Upgrade a Charm

  • Upgrade a Charm using Alchemical Powder to add new Skill Bonuses
  • Bonuses are randomly chosen from all classes
  • Charms can be upgraded to a maximum Rank of 5
User Interface for upgrading Charms (pre-upgrade)
User Interface for upgrading Charms (post-upgrade)

3. Extracting a Skill Stone (not possible in the Technical Alpha)

  • You can Extract a Skill Stone from a Rank 5 Charm
  • Extraction consumes the Charm
  • The Extracted Skill Stone is imprinted with the Skills that were on the Charm

4. Imbue a Charm (not possible in the Technical Alpha)

  • Rank 5 Charms can be imbued by a Skill Stone
  • Imbuing replaces one of the augmented Skills on a Charm with a Skill chosen randomly from the Skills imprinted on the Skill Stone.
  • You will be able to choose to accept the new bonus or keep the existing one
  • Imbued bonuses can appear as +1, +2, or +3 to a Skill
  • Each Skill can only appear once on a Charm

Crest Merchant

Here you can buy Crests for Eternal Orb to add modifiers to Elder Rifts.

Crystal Merchant

  • Here you buy Echo Crystals with Eternal Orbs to upgrade Normal Gems above Rank 5.

Fading Ember Trader

  • Enhance Elder Rifts with Crests to earn Fading Embers
  • Every Crest used by a party member increases the total Fading Embers earned for all party members
  • Trading Fading Embers here for Runes and Legendary Gems

Honor Merchant

  • Here you can buy a bunch items for Honor with a Daily Purchase Limit


  • Here you can identify Legendary Items

Rarities and Antiquities

  • You can buy mystery items from Yakin that vary in quality
  • As your level increases, Yakin's equipment will also increase in power
  • The price will rise for each subsequent item purchased on the same day

Reforge Stone Vendor