Zone Events


Zone Events are some of the most rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. Most events reward 6 Enchanted Dust along with 2-3 equipment drops. It is worth stopping whatever you're doing to get to an event when it occurs, because they offer the most efficient way to obtain Enchanted Dust. You need to constantly farm Enchanted Dust from events to upgrade your equipment and increase the most important stats in the game, Offense Rating & Defense Rating (OR&DR).

Each zone in the game has a unique Zone Event, except for Westmarch and Wortham. Some events occur on a schedule, while others are triggered by certain player actions. These events only occur in the Hell Difficulties that are unlocked after completing the campaign. Multiple Zone Events can be done consecutively at the top of each hour, commonly referred to as Power Hour. The amount of events you can complete will largely depend on the population of your server. A higher population will cause the events to be done simultaneously, causing you to miss out on some.

Disclaimer: Note that the game is in Alpha. All information is subject to change and will be updated before release.

Haunted Carriage in Ashwold Cemetery


  • Event Schedule: The carriage event can be started every 2 hours, from 9 AM to 11 PM server time. A player needs to be in the zone for the event to begin.
  • Event Route: The carriage begins at Ashwold Manor and continues clockwise through Eastern Gardens, The Outskirts and The Ossuary.
  • The carriage stops several times to summon Undead Guards. Being near the carriage after the summons are killed gives you Gold and 2 Equipment drops.
  • The Tax Collector appears at the end of the route. You must hit the Tax Collector at least once in order to receive the final rewards.
The Haunted Carriage Route


Show up to Ashwold Cemetery early to escort the Haunted Carriage for extra Equipment drops. There are also multiple quests in the zone that can completed for extra Enchanted Dust. Only pick up a quest if there is enough time to finish it and get to the Tax Collector before it dies. You can always come back to the quest after the Haunted Carriage event is done. The Tax Collector can die almost instantly after spawning with many players attacking at once. As the Tax Collector is spawning, start using an area of effect or channeling skill that does continuous damage to ensure you get a hit in and receive rewards.


This event is absolutely worth planning your schedule around. Try to reach multiple events in different difficulties. Even if you show up to the carriage at the end of it's route, you still get a quick reward of 6 Enchanted Dust.

This event is commonly referred to as "Pizza". The Tax Collector can be seen as the "Pizza Delivery Guy" and many players gather for the "Pizza Party" at the end. Be sure to show up for a slice of pizza topped with extra cheese (Enchanted Dust).

Purify The Corruption in Dark Wood


  • Gain Corruption by killing any enemies in Dark Wood. The Corruption meter is specific to you, increases the damage you take and is shared across all difficulties.
  • When your Corruption meter is full, it can be purified at the Tree of Inifuss in the northeast area. The tree manifests a Shadow Clone you can defeat to earn a Glowing Shard.
  • Killing the Blood Rose located to the west of the Cursed Grove waypoint gives 28% corruption. A map icon is visible from the waypoint when the Blood Rose is alive. It spawns again 20 minutes after being killed. Each difficulty has its own Blood Rose spawn.
Tree of Inifuss and Blood Rose


Timers can be set for the Blood Roses in each difficulty. Killing them is the most efficient way to reach 100% corruption with the least amount of farming. They also have a high chance to drop Legendary equipment.


This event rewards a Glowing Shard instead of Enchanted Dust, making it not worth doing.

Lost Artifacts in Shassar Sea


  • Mysterious Scrolls have a low chance of dropping from any enemies killed in Shassar Sea. Note that the Mysterious Scroll looks like a blue item drop, so don’t leave it behind!
  • Using a Mysterious Scroll gives you a dig site location. Open Ancient Urns there until you find the Lost Artifact to finish the quest. The rewards can be claimed at Calim in Tabri's Encampment.
The correct Ancient Urn contains the Lost Artifact


Finding a Mysterious Scroll is random with an extremely low drop rate, making it hard to target farm. Kill large groups of enemies quickly to increase your chances of it dropping. You can only hold one Mysterious Scroll at at time, so complete the dig site quest as soon as you get it.


Finding the occasional Mysterious Scroll while questing or farming other objectives is a nice bonus. The drop rate is too low to make seeking out this event worthwhile.

Kulle's Hidden Chamber in Library of Zoltun Kulle


  • Gather Lost Pages, which are shiny golden objects scattered around the floor of this zone.
  • 5 Lost Pages combine into a Portal Tome. Most of the time using it opens a portal to a private area where you do a quest for rewards. Party members can see your portal, but they need to spend a book of their own to enter it. Unlike other Zone Events, these portals give different amounts of Enchanted Dust and equipment drops.
  • There's a small chance that a Portal Tome spawns a World Boss. There are 2 World Bosses, Hydra and Sandstone Golem, that spawn in their own chambers. Everyone that hits the boss will receive rewards, even if they aren't in your party. A countdown of 3 minutes gives you time to reach the chamber and notify friends to join for rewards.
  • As of the Closed Beta test, there is a limit of 10 Portal Tomes completions per day.
Lost Page Locations


Run routes that pass by Lost Page spawn locations. They are global spawns so make sure you pick them up before someone else does. Don't forget to do any quests that popup for extra Enchanted Dust. Teleport to the waypoint of another route once you finish running one.

It becomes harder to find Lost Pages if the zone is crowded with other players, so try checking other difficulties for less players. Don't forget to hit up other scheduled Zone Events, since this event is always available.

Efficient Routes for Lost Pages

Up to 5 Portal Tomes can be saved up. Gather your friends that also have tomes and open them at the same time to increase the chances of a World Boss spawn. Run any portals that you open solo. Do not enter another person's portal because it consumes one of your tomes and therefore erases another chance at a World Boss spawn.


Gathering Lost Pages while completing quests in the zone is the most efficient way to gain Enchanted Dust outside of scheduled Zone Events, making the Library of Zoltun Kulle the BEST location for long term farming. This popular farming spot can become crowded, reducing your farming efficiency.

Portal Tomes are commonly referred to as "Books". The gathering of players opening books together is called a "Book Club". Book worms love hanging out in the library.

Ancient Arena in Bilefen


  • Event Schedule: The arena occurs every 3 hours from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM server time.
  • This is a team based PvP (Player vs Player) event. Your party fights any other players in the arena when the event begins. The group of players to open the Nephalem Cache in the middle wins the rewards.
  • The Ancient Guardian appears at the beginning of the battle and needs to be defeated to unlock the Nephalem Cache. Once unlocked it takes 10 seconds of uninterrupted action to open. The cache can be opened before all opposing players are defeated if not interrupted.
The yellow route starting in Library of Zoltun Kulle is the fastest way to Ancient Arena.
  • Once the event starts, nobody outside the Proving Grounds can enter to participate. Defeated players revive outside the arena and can't re-enter until the event is complete.
  • Defeated players drop Ancient Energy Orbs that increase your power.
  • Rewards from the Nephalem Cache are mailed to any players of the winning team that died.
  • The Nephalem Cache contains the usual event rewards in addition to a guaranteed Legendary item, making this the most rewarding Zone Event.
The Nephalem Cache is being guarded


Team up with a party of 4 to increase your chances of success. You can get there early to start forming a group with others. Kill non-player enemies in the Proving Grounds while waiting for the event to start. Any health, quickening, conduit or energy orbs can be saved for pickup during the event battle. Monster essences for the Bestiary can also drop. Don't be afraid to play aggressively. Your rewards are mailed to you even if you sacrifice yourself for a team victory. You can push opponents away from the Nephalem Cache to allow a teammate to open the cache, winning the event before killing your opponents.


This event is valuable for the guaranteed Legendary drop, especially for newer players still trying to extract all the essence powers. It's also important in higher Hell Difficulties for obtaining new upgrades. While this is the most rewarding Zone Event, it can be the hardest to complete. It is only worth doing if you have a good enough team to beat the other players.

Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain


  • Event Schedule: Spawns every 2 hours from 8 AM to Midnight server time.
  • The Ancient Nightmare patrols the Misty Valley area in the middle of Mount Zavain. It is protected by a shield that pulses on every step, dealing major area damage. Altars scattered around the zone can be activated to emit an aura of light that allows the shield to be damaged. The Ancient Nightmare is stunned if in range of the altar when activated.
  • The Ancient Nightmare's life bar can be depleted once the shield is gone. Defeating it spawns a chest that gives rewards.
The Ancient Nightmare's patrol area
  • Lord Martanos rests in a tomb located west of the Frozen Descent waypoint. He can be awoken and killed every 30 minutes to gain a Zakarum Sigil. Sigils can be used to bypass an altar's 1 minute activation cooldown, causing an additional stun and 20% damage to the Ancient Nightmare's shield. A Zakarum Sigil is consumed if you have any in your inventory even if an altar isn't on cooldown. Zakarum Sigils aren't required to defeat the Ancient Nightmare.
Path to Lord Martanos's Tomb


Activate altars when the Ancient Nightmare is in range of the light radius for the stun. It gives everyone extra time to damage the shield. You don't need to use cooldowns against the shield, as higher damage doesn't damage it quicker. Use Zakarum Sigils for an altar's second activation if you have any, and allow players without a sigil to do the first activation for free. Timing the activation early results in a missed stun opportunity. You'll most likely be yelled at by other players for this mistake.

Altar activation is timed for a stun


This event is absolutely worth planning your schedule around. Try to reach multiple events in different difficulties. Even if you show up to the Ancient Nightmare right before it dies, you still get a quick reward of 6 Enchanted Dust.

The Ancient Nightmare is commonly referred to as "Big Guy" while Lord Martanos is referred to as "Little Guy" due to their size differences and their relation to the event.

Call of the Ancients in Frozen Tundra


  • Gather Ancient Essence and Ancestral Relics which have a chance to drop from any enemies killed in Frozen Tundra.
  • Reaching 100% essence automatically summons the Ancient Spirit. Everyone in the zone contributes to the same essence meter. Each difficulty has its own essence meter.
  • The Ancient Spirit seeks out the Altar of Forebears, and Spirit Hunters spawn along the path. Defeat them to acquire Ancestral Relics. Spirit Hunters only drop these relics for the first party to tag them. Each relic purified at the Ancient Spirit at the end of the route rewards a Scrap Material. A maximum of 10 relics can be held and purified per event. Ancestral Relics also have an extremely low chance of dropping from any enemies killed in the zone.
The Ancient Spirt Route


The Ancient Essence meter can be filled faster with multiple players farming in the zone. When the Ancient Spirit spawns, party up with other people at the event for more Ancestral Relics. It's not advised to announce the event to more people once your party is full, as they could steal your drops. You can also farm for Ancestral Relics by killing any enemies in the zone, although doing so takes a long time.


The time required to fill the Ancient Essence meter combined with the difficulty of getting Ancestral Relics makes this event not worthwhile. Turn in any Ancestral Relics to the Ancient Spirit if it happens to available, but don't go out of your way to farm these objectives.

Demon Gates in Realm of Damnation

Realm of Damnation was not included in any testing phases. Blizzard's blog post gives a preview of this final campaign zone. Demon Gates will appear multiple times per day in random locations. A party of 3 players can enter the gateways to defeat the demons and shut it down. This activity is stated to have "significant rewards", and "bonus loot from three per day".

This section will be updated when we learn more after release.

Zone Events Schedule

Server TimeZone Event
8:00 AMAncient Nightmare
9:00 AMHaunted Carriage
10:00 AMAncient Nightmare
10:30 AMBilefen Arena
11:00 AMHaunted Carriage
12:00 PMAncient Nightmare
1:00 PMHaunted Carriage
1:30 PMBilefen Arena
2:00 PMAncient Nightmare
3:00 PMHaunted Carriage
4:00 PMAncient Nightmare
4:30 PMBilefen Arena
5:00 PMHaunted Carriage
6:00 PMAncient Nightmare
7:00 PMHaunted Carriage
7:30 PMBilefen Arena
8:00 PMAncient Nightmare
9:00 PMHaunted Carriage
10:00 PMAncient Nightmare
10:30 PMBilefen Arena
11:00 PMHaunted Carriage
12:00 AMAncient Nightmare

Power Hour

Players that need more Enchanted Dust can do multiple Zone Events in quick succession. The Haunted Carriage and Ancient Nightmare are rotating events scheduled at the top of each hour. These events occur in multiple difficulties, making it possible to finish more than 1 in a row. This schedule of consecutive events is commonly referred to as Power Hour.


  • Haunted Carriage - Complete a lower Hell Difficulty first, as they tend to have more players. Escort the carriage and kill the summoned Undead Guards immediately to move it along quicker. Finish the first event as quickly as possible to reach another carriage in a higher difficulty. The carriage doesn't spawn until there is a player in the Ashwold Cemetery and they tend to move slower in higher difficulties. You only need to hit the Tax Collector at the end of the route in time to receive rewards. Repeat for every Hell Difficulty you can survive in.
  • Ancient Nightmare - Once again, complete a lower Hell Difficulty first, as Ancient Nightmares die faster there. Use any Zakarum Sigils you have on your first Ancient Nightmare to speed up breaking the shield and completing the event. Move on to a higher Hell Difficulty to complete another event. You only need to hit the Ancient Nightmare once before it dies to receive rewards. Repeat for every Hell Difficulty you can survive in.

The full Power Hour strategy involves a lot of flipping through menus to change difficulties and teleport around. You can settle for completing only 1 or 2 events if this seems like too much work.

Video Guide

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  • Zone Events are a fantastic way to boost your character. Try them all to learn how they work.
  • Hit the Bilefen Arena every 3 hours with your friends to get a guaranteed Legendary.
  • Complete multiple events during Power Hour for more rewards.
  • Remember to have fun and make friends along the way!

More Info soon to come as Diablo Immortal development continues. Stay tuned!


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Apr 26th 2022
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