Ancient Arena in Bilefen


Zone Events are some of the most rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. Ancient Arena is an event specific to the Bilefen zone in Hell Difficulties. Show up at the scheduled times to participate in this PvP event and get your guaranteed Legendary equipment.

Check our Zone Events Guide for additional information.

Ancient Arena Mechanics

  • Event Schedule: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 9:30pm server time.
  • This is a team based PvP (Player vs Player) event. Your party fights any other players in the arena when the event begins. The group of players to open the Nephalem Cache in the middle wins the rewards.
  • The Ancient Guardian appears at the beginning of the battle and needs to be defeated to unlock the Nephalem Cache. Once unlocked it takes 10 seconds of uninterrupted action to open. The cache can be opened before all opposing players are defeated if not interrupted.
The yellow route starting in Library of Zoltun Kulle is the fastest way to Ancient Arena.
  • Once the event starts, nobody outside the Proving Grounds can enter to participate. Defeated players revive outside the arena and can't re-enter until the event is complete.
  • Defeated players drop Ancient Energy Orbs that increase your power.
  • Rewards from the Nephalem Cache are mailed to any players of the winning team that died.
  • The Nephalem Cache contains the usual event rewards in addition to a guaranteed Legendary item, making this the most rewarding Zone Event.
The Nephalem Cache is being guarded


Team up with a party of 4 to increase your chances of success. You can get there early to start forming a group with others. Kill non-player enemies in the Proving Grounds while waiting for the event to start. Any health, quickening, conduit or energy orbs can be saved for pickup during the event battle. Monster essences for the Bestiary can also drop. Don't be afraid to play aggressively. Your rewards are mailed to you even if you sacrifice yourself for a team victory. You can push opponents away from the Nephalem Cache to allow a teammate to open the cache, winning the event before killing your opponents.

Ancient Arena Rewards

This event is valuable for the guaranteed Legendary drop, especially for newer players still trying to extract all the essence powers. It's also important in higher Hell Difficulties for obtaining new upgrades. While this is the most rewarding Zone Event, it can be the hardest to complete. It is only worth doing if you have a good enough team to beat the other players.

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May 26th 2022
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