Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain

Ancient Nightmare


Zone Events are some of the most rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. The Ancient Nightmare is an event specific to the Mount Zavain zone in Hell Difficulties. Show up at the scheduled times to kill the Ancient Nightmare and Lord Martanos.

The Ancient Nightmare is commonly referred to as "Big Guy" while Lord Martanos is referred to as "Little Guy" due to their size differences and their relation to the event.

Check our Zone Events Guide for additional information.

Ancient Nightmare Mechanics

  • Event Schedule: Every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm, 8:30pm and 10pm server time.
  • He patrols the Misty Valley area in the middle of Mount Zavain. It is protected by a shield that pulses on every step, dealing major area damage. Altars scattered around the zone can be activated to emit an aura of light that allows the shield to be damaged. The Ancient Nightmare is stunned if in range of the altar when activated.
  • Its life bar can be depleted once the shield is gone. Defeating it spawns a chest that gives rewards.
Ancient Nightmare
The Ancient Nightmare's patrol area
  • Lord Martanos rests in a tomb located west of the Frozen Descent waypoint. He can be awoken and killed every 30 minutes to gain a Zakarum Sigil. Sigils can be used to bypass an altar's 1 minute activation cooldown, causing an additional stun and 20% damage to the shield. A Zakarum Sigil is consumed if you have any in your inventory even if an altar isn't on cooldown. Zakarum Sigils aren't required to defeat the Ancient Nightmare.
Ancient Nightmare
Path to Lord Martanos's Tomb

Ancient Nightmare Strategy

Activate altars when the Ancient Nightmare is in range of the light radius for the stun. It gives everyone extra time to damage the shield. You don't need to use cooldowns against the shield, as higher damage doesn't damage it quicker. Use Zakarum Sigils for an altar's second activation if you have any, and allow players without a sigil to do the first activation for free. Timing the activation early results in a missed stun opportunity. You'll most likely be yelled at by other players for this mistake.

Altar activation is timed for a stun

Ancient Nightmare Rewards

This event is absolutely worth planning your schedule around. Try to reach multiple events in different difficulties. Even if you show up right before it dies, you still get a quick reward of 6 Enchanted Dust and possible Legendary equipment drop.

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