Call of the Ancients in Frozen Tundra


Zone Events are some of the most rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. Call of the Ancients is an event specific to the Frozen Tundra zone in Hell Difficulties. Collect Ancient Essences and Ancestral Relics to get crafting materials and a chance of receiving Legendary equipment.

Check our Zone Events Guide for additional information.

Call of the Ancients Mechanics

  • Gather Ancient Essence and Ancestral Relics which have a chance to drop from any enemies killed in Frozen Tundra.
  • Reaching 100% essence automatically summons the Ancient Spirit. Everyone in the zone contributes to the same essence meter. Each difficulty has its own essence meter.
  • The Ancient Spirit seeks out the Altar of Forebears, and Spirit Hunters spawn along the path. Defeat them to acquire Ancestral Relics. Anyone can hit Spirit Hunters to tag them for relic drops. Each relic purified at the Ancient Spirit at the end of the route rewards a Scrap Material. A maximum of 10 relics can be held and purified per event. Ancestral Relics also have an extremely low chance of dropping from any enemies killed in the zone.
The Ancient Spirt Route


The Ancient Essence meter can be filled faster with multiple players farming in the zone. When the Ancient Spirit spawns, make sure you follow him on the route to tag Spirit Hunters for Ancestral Relics drops. You can also farm for Ancestral Relics by killing any enemies in the zone, although doing so takes a long time.

Call of the Ancients Rewards

It is not worth trying to fill the Ancient Essence meter by yourself. If many other players in the zone are farming, the meter can fill quickly enough. The crafting material rewards aren't that valuable, but the occasional Legendary equipment is nice.

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Written by Lexyu


May 26th 2022
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