Lost Artifacts in Shassar Sea


Zone Events are some of the most rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. Lost Artifacts is an event specific to Shassar Sea zone. Collect Mysterious Scrolls to complete a quest that drops equipment.

Check our Zone Events Guide for additional information.

Lost Artifacts Mechanics

  • Mysterious Scrolls have a low chance of dropping from any enemies killed in Shassar Sea. Note that the Mysterious Scroll looks like a blue item drop, so don’t leave it behind!
  • Using a Mysterious Scroll gives you a dig site location. Open Ancient Urns there until you find the Lost Artifact to finish the quest. The rewards can be claimed at Calim in Tabri's Encampment.
The correct Ancient Urn contains the Lost Artifact

Lost Artifacts Strategy

Finding a Mysterious Scroll is random with an extremely low drop rate, making it hard to target farm. Kill large groups of enemies quickly to increase your chances of it dropping. You can only hold one Mysterious Scroll at at time, so complete the dig site quest as soon as you get it.

Lost Artifacts Rewards

Completing Lost Artifacts drops some gold and equipment, making it less rewarding than other Zone Events. Finding the occasional Mysterious Scroll while questing or farming other objectives is a decent bonus. The drop rate is too low to make seeking out this event worthwhile.

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May 26th 2022
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